Gerhard Ballmann, also known as Kitabo is originally from Germany. He has been an artist for more than 40 years.

He was a pupil of the anthroposophic teacher D. Moreau in the Kunstverein Odilia. From him Kitabo learned various wax and aquarelle painting techniques. Kitabo also was member and cofounder of various societies suchas the avant-garde group Phoenix (Vogelsberg), Añofe and Lavaviva (El Hierro). He has also worked with several artists integrating music, voice and dance with images, pictures and sculptures.

Kitabo did a few journeys through Europe and Africa. He hold some exhibitions in different cities such as Helsinki, Amsterdam, Munich, Cannes, Durban, etc. 

For two years he lived with his wife Aminata in a Senegalese tribe (Colykunda). There the Senegalese Ministry of Culture assigned Kitabo as the European representative in an "Exchange of plastic arts" with some African artists. That period had a great influence in his "naturalistic-fantastic" oil painting technique. 
In 1984 Kitabo and Aminata found their home on El Hierro, Canary Islands, where their four daughters were born. Since then he has lived there with his happy family. His daughter Aïda is an actress, Lucía is psychotherapist, Gea is external relations manager and Serai is an actress and artist

The island of El Hierro was the perfect place for Kitabo to develop his artistic work. Its extraordinary environment and social structure as well as the varied, intact and unique nature inspired his pieces of art full of living creatures.